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Clark/Lex fanmix: two sides of a coin



Clark/Lex fanmix: two sides of a coin



01. Three Days Grays - Animal I have become

So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal

02. Within Temptation -
What have you done

I, I've been waiting for someone like you
But now you are slipping away
What have you done now?
Why? Why does Fate make us suffer?
There's a curse between us
Between me and you

03. Muse -
Map of the problematique

Life will flash before my eyes
So scattered and lost
I want to touch the other side
And no one thinks they are to blame
Why can't we see
That when we bleed we bleed the same

04. Papa Roach -
Getting away with murder


Somewhere beyond hapiness and sadness
I need to calculate what creates my own madness
And I'm addicted to your punishment
And your the master, and I am waiting for disaster

05. 30 secons to Mars - A beautiful lie

It's a beautiful lie
It's a perfect denial
Such a beautiful lie to believe in
So beautiful, beautiful it makes me

06. Trapt - My own design

Your walls of pride are only fencing you in
Your ego's been playing games with your head
You're not the mastermind
I am a product of my own design

07. Cold - Blame

Sun has burned up, gone away
Well everytime you used to fuck, (blame me again)
And everyone, (blame me again)
Makes you sick, (blame me again)
You’re ashamed, (blame me again)

08. Breaking Benjamin - Believe

I often wonder
How it should be
I'm picking sides
And pulling the strings
I'm living lies
And shedding the skin
I'm open wide
And letting you
I'm wronging rights

09. Smile Empty Soul - Rain

You feed me lies...
To run agaisnt the grains of time
To ride the moment you know is mine
Im rotting inside and no one can save me
And not yet, i know..stop feeding me lies
You feed me lies

10. A-HA - Summer moved on

Stay, don't just walk away
And leave me another day
A day just like today
Stay, don't just walk away
With nobody else around

Feedback is love))

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